assassinations, standoffs, and anthrax scares

Terrorism in Sin City

Las Vegas has seen its share of homegrown terrorism, particularly since a surge in domestic extremism starting in the 1980’s.


an assassination and a shootout

A young married couple, Jarad and Amanda Miller, walked from their apartment to a CiCi Pizza shop on the east side of Las Vegas. They scoped out the store, one of many in a row of the strip mall across the street from a crowded Wal-Mart, and noticed the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department patrol car parked outside. The couple entered the store and Jarad rapidly closed the space between the entrance and the booth where officers __________ and ___________ were seated. Jarad pulled out a ______ pistol and fired once into Officer ________ head from behind. He then fired a shot into the neck of Officer _________ seated across from him. Officer ___________ pulled his service weapon and attempted to return fire, but Amanda and Jarad emptied several more rounds into Officer _________ before he had an opportunity.

After murdering the officers, the Millers proceeded to drag the slain officers’ bodies from the booth they had been sharing and draped the corpses in the Gadsen Flag popular among the anti-government militia movement along with a flag bearing a swastika. The couple then announced to the shocked patrons of CiCi Pizza that “the revolution had begun.”


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